Certified Allergy-Friendly Restaurants

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Certified Allergy-Friendly Restaurants

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About Allergy and Celiac Friendly Certification

Allergy-friendly restaurants go above and beyond to give diners with food allergies, food intolerances, or celiac disease a great dining experience. Therefore, being allergy-friendly means a restaurant is celiac-friendly and in some cases even vegan-friendly.

Allergy-friendly certification is given to restaurants that demonstrate commitment to the three pillars of allergy-friendly certification:

1. Employee Awareness

Staff at allergy-friendly certified restaurants have undergone training and understand the implications of food allergies, food intolerances, and celiac disease for diners. From the hostess to the chef, you will find people who understand your food needs.

2. Menu Support

One of the most difficult aspects of eating out with food allergies or celiac disease is knowing what on the menu is safe to eat. Certified allergy-friendly restaurants will either have a separate allergen & gluten menu to show you which dishes contain common food allergens, or will have staff trained to discuss the menu options with you.

3. Proper Process

From the time an order is placed, to the time the meal arrives at the table, every food handler should know if that order is for someone with food allergies or celiac disease. Additionally, extreme care should be given prevent cross-contact with food allergens or gluten during the food preparation and delivery process.

Who We Are

Our mission is to make a world a safer and more pleasant place to eat for everyone with food allergies, intolerances, or celiac disease. We do this by highlighting restaurants that are already allergy and celiac friendly and helping more restaurants become allergy and celiac friendly.

Most of our team either have food allergies or celiac disease, or have a close family member with food allergies or celiac disease. That’s why we are passionate about our mission.

If you have suggestions, personal stories of good or bad dining experiences, or just want to say, “thanks for what you are doing,” our team would love to hear from you.

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